Your Villa in Ischia with Castle view Villa Livia offers you a unique experience to live your moments of relaxation in Ischia Discover Renting the Villa You can have the whole Villa for your exclusive vacations The Villa Services Villa Livia gives you the opportunity to experience a personalized vacation tailored to your needs. Discover

Villa Livia is located in the heavenly paradise of Cartaromana, one of the most beautiful areas of the Island of Ischia. Cartaromana, in fact, stands on a prominent point overlooking the bay of water with the same name, Bay of Cartaromana.

What makes this location so magical is the exclusive view of the enchanting Castello Aragonese and the historic village of Ischia Ponte. The latter is one of the oldest neighborhoods on the island, which has remained almost unchanged over time; here you can take in the fascinating atmosphere of the old Ischia.

Villa Livia is built in the Mediterrranean style of architecture, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Island of Ischia.


The villa is composed of four rooms equipped with all the comforts, a large solarium, a private cellar, and a beautiful shared lounge overlooking the bay. Each room has its own characteristic view of the island. Whether it’s the bay of Cartaromana or the vineyards, from every part of the house each room provides a privileged view of the natural wonders of Ischia.


Villa Livia is also accompanied by a large private parking lot.

The rooms

Each room is furnished and decorated in harmony with the rest of the villa.

Equipped with every comfort, each room has its own private bathroom and its own unique view.

Exclusive Services

It is possible to rent the villa for your special events, for weddings, or for your exclusive vacations. You can trust us to provide a personal chef, to do yoga with a specialized instructor, or to book massages and wellness treatments. We can also organize excursions for you to explore the wonders of the island as well as your transfer to and from the mainland. 


Included amenities

Free Wifi




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