The Villa

The Villa

The entrance to the villa is comfortable and accessible by foot as well as by car. Passing through small paths of pine trees, papyrus plants, and jasmine, you enter a beautiful garden. From there the view is wonderful. The belvedere allows you to look out over the Castello Aragonese and the Bay of Cartaromana. To make the most of the view, there is a gazebo under which there is a round glass table where it is possible to have breakfast while watching the sun rise. Cartaromana is in fact on the east side of the island.

In an intimate and panoramic corner, surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Castle, there is a large jacuzzi. In the immense garden, there is a large oven and everything you may need to cook outdoors. In addition, for guests there is a cellar full of fine wines from around the world.

The garden then leads to the expansive balconies of the villa; full of citrus and aromatic plants, ceramics and tiled floors lead us to the entrance of the villa. Here you enter a common living room with large vertical windows allowing you to take in the exclusive views from every corner of the room. A small hallway then leads to all four bedrooms of the villa.

A circular architecture style is found in all of the rooms of the villa as well as the common living room, giving a harmony to the entire villa.

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Renting the Villa

For your vacation in Villa Livia, you can choose between the four different rooms, Aragona, Posidonia, Cartaromana or Aenaria.

Each room of the villa is concentrated on elegance and harmony.

But if you want to experience the beauty and relaxation of an independent vacation, where you can enjoy all of the comforts of Villa Livia exclusively with the people you love, you can rent the entire villa.

Exclusive access to the pool, the solarium, and all the rooms in the villa will allow you to enjoy your vacation according to your wishes and desires.

This way, the pool in the garden will become your own private spa with the views of the Castello Aragonese. The same is for the solarium, with all of your friends or for your romantic getaway, it will be at your complete and exclusive use if you rent the entire villa.

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