Hiking under the stars

Have you even gone hiking at night? Come with us and we will explain the stars

As the night will slowly fall, accompanied by the sounds of nocturnal animals we will slowly begin our hike. Together we will reach a charming mountain cottage where an appetizing dinner awaits us. Our guide will reveal secrets and discoveries about the stars and the sky that then influenced and generated stories, myths, and legends in all cultures of the world. After dinner, you will be able to get a closer look at the stars and planets that illuminate the Mediterranean nights with the help of powerful telescopes.

Scooter tour

Exploration with Italian Charm

Onboard a scooter, accompanied by a local guide, you will take a panoramic tour of the island in search of beautiful views, unique neighborhoods, and small island alleys. The local guide will accompany you on the trip with stops for knowledge of the local history, as well as customs and traditions with an anthropological study of local life. During one of the panoramic stops, it will be possible to taste local mozzarella.

Lights…..of a midsummer night

The magic of early summer nights and the woods that pulsate with small dancing fireflies.

A slow climb will lead us to the highest point of the island, where we can admire a breathtaking sunset and unique panorama. Lost among the colors and scents of the woods, immersed in total silence, we will descend until we reach a charming mountain cottage. Welcomed by a family of local farmers and thanks to the products they grow, we will have a dinner of simple flavors and traditional recipes.
After dinner, with a professional biologist as our guide, we will begin to explore the magical world of terrestrial Bioluminescence and “Fireflies”. Not everyone knows that these small insects are part of the Italian natural heritage, and that they are gradually disappearing due to pesticides and overbuilding.
Before ending our experience, the pristine forest will give us one last emotion, we will see it pulsing with small flames of the “Fireflies”, which will leave us speechless.

Mortella Gardens

Visit one of the most beautiful and romantic botanic gardens in Italy.

A harmonious combination of avenues, fountains and plants have made La Mortella an oasis of beauty and peace, as well as being home to a multitude of specimens, some even very rare from all over the planet. The guided tour will be an exceptional opportunity to admire over 1700 species of plants, and discover their peculiarities.

The guide will invite guests to grasp the sensory stimulations given by the shapes, colors and smells that permeate the paths.

Castello Aragonese

Discovering the most fascinating pages of Ischia’s history

Crossing the bridge, you will reach the majestic Castello Aragonese. The guided tour will be lead you on the paths that lead to the monastery of the Poor Clares, with the adjoining cemetery (once a putridarium where the nuns were left to decompose); the Cathedral of Ischia with the crypt preserves the frescoes of Giotto’s school, the Bourbon prison, the museum with armor and torture tools.
And again the avenues, the millstones, the ancient houses, the churches and a breathtaking view.

Ischia- Bioluminescence

The light of the under the sea revealed by night snorkeling.

A sparkling experience, to swim in the sea that lights up at night and admire the beauty of the Noctiluca Scintillans.
First you will be instructed in the classroom by a marine biologist on the characteristics of this rare phenomenon. With an expert diving instructor you will prepare the equipment and finally, by boat, you will reach a pristine bay to admire all the brightness of the phenomenon and you will swim among the sparkling lights. And if by chance you were to pull your head out of the water, the sparkle continues with an imposing Milky Way that juts out to the horizon.
We will swim in a sea cave and then we will move by boat for a second dive in an area with underwater volcanic activity and in the light of the torch you will see a diamond sea with infinite bubbles of volcanic emissions.

Archeo-Bio Snorkeling

An immersion in the archeological ruins and caves of the Marine Protected Area

By boat, you will reach the various diving points for snorkeling. The first archaeological itinerary will allow you to admire the submerged finds and enter an authentic Roman Nymphaeum.
The second of a biological nature will allow you to discover the species that populate the Mediterranean Sea and reproduce in the Marine Protected Area.
You will conclude the tour by swimming through a huge natural Jacuzzi, thanks to the underwater emission of CO2 given by the strong volcanic activity.